Best Step Stool for Elderly

For most seniors, lack of mobility is a major problem. Many areas are hard to access, especially when your joints become weak, and the balance becomes less as you age. 

Seniors have to be very careful in knowing how they’ll get in and out of the car, bed, bathtub, and all the other places that require them to sit. For as long as the elderly wish to remain independent, there will come a time when they will need another person’s help.  

With that being said, a step stool is an important helping tool for the elderly to fulfill their routine tasks easily.  

Here, we’ll guide you to find the best step stool for the elderly so they can exercise mobility without any hesitation.

Top 6 Best Step Stools for Elderl

1)-Step2Bed Rails - Best Step Stool for Elderly:

Best Step Stool for ElderlyNeed a step stool that prevents injuries and falls while providing the freedom to be mobile wherever and whenever? If yes, then this stool has you covered!

The Step2Bed is a multi-purpose step stool that can also be used as a handrail. If you add this to your room, you can contribute to the safety of your elders and give them full confidence to do whatever they want without the risk of falling. 

Besides that, the stool cuts down the distance from your feet to the floor so you can get out of bed easily.  

To ensure there are no risks of injuries or falls, the Step2Bed stool has two durable handrails and a non-slip, extra-wide standing platform to guarantee safety.

Quick Features​

  •  Freedom without Risks: The Step2Bed Bed Rails for seniors can help your loved ones to move in and out of places safely with the easy-to-grab handles for better support and durability.
  • Adjustable Height Options: The Adjustable height bed steps are used for low beds and high beds for the elderly to adjust the height according to their needs.
  •  Purely Safe: This is an LED light-guided step stool that makes it easier for the elder to know where they are standing and get in and out of places safely in the dark.
  •  Perfect Steps: It is made from durable and powerful steel for more safety and security. Besides that, the Extra Wide, Non-Slip step stool features a handle that can carry 400lbs of weight


  • Removes stress from the knees, joints, and hips
  • LED motion light for better and safer mobility
  • Adjustable height options
  • Easy to use
  • Feels very safe


  • Not so perfect in terms of durability

2)-DMI Step Stool with Handle - Best Rated Step Stool:

Best Step Stool for ElderlyIf you’re on the lookout for a step stool with handles, then you can’t find anything better than the DMI Step Stool with handle. The design may be typical, but it still comes with a few bells and whistles that’ll support the seniors in every possible way. 

The most significant thing about this step stool is its handle. The handle has a rubber grip to prevent slipping or falling risks, as this is important because then the elderly will have to pull themselves up with only the handrail.

On the other hand, the most prominent problem with this step stool is its assembling and the unhelpful manual it comes with. The package doesn’t come with the necessary hardware to assemble the stool. 

However, the overall structure and design of this step stool make up for this downfall, so you can end up with a much reliable step stool than the other ones out there.

Quick Features​

  •  Easy Approach to Objects: Be able to easily grab objects that were impossible to grab before with the reliable handrail, giving stability and ensuring safety to the elderly.
  • Safe Steps: With this step stool, elders can safely step onto higher beds, cabinets, bathtubs, vehicles, and more. 
  •  Non-Slip Surface: The matted and unbreakable rubber tips improve stability and ensure safety for your loved ones. 
  •  Chrome-Finish: The matte rubber tips aren’t the only matter of discussion. The chrome finish on the steel frame supports more than 300 lbs of weight with proper efficiency and reliability.


  • Anti-Slip tips
  • Has handles
  • Durable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Carries heavyweight
  • Free from Sliping


  • Risks of falling
  • Can be unreliable for the elderly with disabilities

3)-AdjustaStep(TM) DoubleSafe Deluxe- Best step stool with handle:

Best Step Stool for ElderlyThe AdjustaStep DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool is the first step stool that contains two handles that can easily be adjusted within seconds and without using any tools.  

When it comes to the looks, this is the best-looking step stool compared to any other available in the market. Besides that, it features a non-slip base and platform, steel construction and a stunning, easy to clean, and durable powder-coated surface. 

The AdjustaStep DoubleSafe Deluxe is not a product of China, and it doesn’t produce any unpleasant odors either.

Quick Features​

  • Extremely Adjustable: The best step stool with height adjustment; be able to customize the handle and step height within seconds.
  •  Safe Step Stool: The presence of two handrails enhances mental and physical safety. Moreover, users can customize handle and height adjustments easily according to their needs. 
  • Versatile Step Stool: While being able to adjust the handle and height, the users need to understand that the AdjustaStep is not a product of MAINLAND CHINA and it doesn’t include any unpleasant odors which are present in the made-in-mainland china products. 
  • Clean, Smart Design: The blue/white design looks like it’s made for those who need a throne. Thanks to the industrial-looking silver or chrome vein finishes, you can move in and out of places with style.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy step stool
  • Good looking
  • Handles on both sides


  • Not a popular product/brand

4)- Jobar International - Best Bath Step Stool:

Best Step Stool for ElderlyIf you want a traditional looking bathtub step stool for your parents, this is the best choice.

This is a great step stool for any elderly person who wants to get in and out from the shower comfortably with no chances of falling or slipping.  

Furthermore, the handrail grabs more attention to this step stool, as it provides more support and balance to the user. Other than that, the textured platform offers a good grip on the stool, which betters the overall sturdiness of the step stool.

Quick Features​

  • Bathtub Companion: The Jobar International step stool is the best bathroom step stool for the elderly, and it provides both independence and safety to the users while leaving and entering the bathtub/shower.
  • Trustworthy Platform: Once you step onto the step stool platform, you will feel a powerful, non-slip grip on the platform that’ll give you the strength and power to get out from the bathtub easily with comfor
  •  Safe to Use: Thanks to the handrail, the elderly get more balance and support while moving in and out of places.
  • The Material of Build: The Jobar International bath step with handle is made from high-quality, durable steel.


  • Durable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Can carry 500lbs of weight
  • Excellent Height for Seniors


  • The surface starts to rust after long-term use

5)-Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool:

Best Step Stool for Elderly

The Drive Medical Heavy Duty provides portable steps for the elderly without the risks of tripping and falling over. 

It is a great companion for car, bathroom, bed, and other ventures that demand a little help. This footstool reduces the chances of slipping due to its rubber pad, plus the handrail is reliable, and it does not feel fragile when you put your weight onto it.

 Other than that, the Drive Medical footstool is 13 pounds, which means you can move it around easily.
Quick Features

Quick Features​

  • Best Looking Stool: The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool has an easy to clean, attractive, durable silver vein finish. 
  • Sturdy Platform: The non-skid rubber base is sturdy and safe enough to help the seniors get in and out of places with confidence.
  • The Material of Build: This step stool is constructed with trustworthy 1” steel covering, combined with cross brace for additional strength. 
  • Easy to Use: This is not just a safety stool for those who have trouble moving, but it is also a smartly designed one with easy controls. Besides that, it doesn’t demand any assembling, as it is pre-assembled.


  • Non-slip rubber platform
  • Already assembled
  • Durable design
  • Includes a handrail
  • Can be moved around easily
  • Lightweight
  • Good Looking and Attractive


  • The handrail is not useful at all

6)- Delxo 2 Step Stool - Best light weight step stool:

Best Step Stool for ElderlyWhen it comes to pleasant and heavenly step stools for the elderly, the Delxo 2 Step Stool is the best one that comes to mind.  

It weighs 11.9 pounds and can carry 330lbs of weight. Besides that, this is a foldable step stool without the locking feature where you can easily open it by clicking the top pedal.

Considering the height and weight of this step stool, it doesn’t damage your floor or space at all.  

Furthermore, this isn’t just a step stool for the elderly, but it can also be used for cleaning, painting, reaching things from the top shelf, and many more. Also, the non-slip rubber platform makes it more safe and stable to use.

Quick Features​

  • GS-Certified: To ensure safety and quality, the Delxo Step Stool has been certified by the GS and TUV organizations. 
  • Versatile Ladder: This is the best step ladder for the elderly that offers a reliable handgrip, making it easier to carry and climb. It is the best choice for seniors, and it can also be used as a pet step stool or a chair. 
  •  Stable and Secure: The Delxo Step stool boasts a non-slip rubber base, the wide steps provide safer heel-to-toe prop up, eliminating chances of fatigue and foot pain and giving the user a comfortable and stable platform to stand. 
  •  Foldable Ladder: The Delxo Step stool comes pre-assembled. Simply tilt the ladder forward and let go of the metal lock, and then lift the back of the pedal.


  • Foldable ladder
  • Stable and safe to use
  • Non-slip rubber steps
  • Can carry up to 330 lbs
  • Wide steps for better support


  • Spacious and bulky


While step stools offer huge help in mobility, they also carry risks of falling. However, if you can find a good quality step stool, then it should be safe enough to take you everywhere without the fear of falling.  

In our above-mentioned reviewed, we’ve discussed some of the 6 best step stools for the elderly that’ll support them in their daily ventures like getting out of bed, the bathtub, car, chair, sofa, etc.

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