Best Ping Pong Table Under 200

Those who are a big fan of playing table tennis know very well the importance of this game. They know how exciting this game is, and it really doesn’t matter how the weather is as it is one of the games that can be played both indoor and outdoor. This game offers a great way to get closer to your family members, friends, and coworkers. 

So to enhance your tennis gaming experience and increase your playability, all you need is a sturdy, durable, and versatile ping pong table. BEST-PING-PONG-TABLE-UNDER-200

Owing to a tennis table for your home use offers a wide variety of benefits to you. It let you make a strong bond with your friends and family; it enables you to learn at your personal space and recreate your tournament play, plus it provides you endless fun. 

Ok, if you have a budget of 150 to 200 dollars, then this article will surely help you in this case. We have 6 best options for the tennis tables under 200 for you so that you can quickly pick your best ping pong table under 200 without making the additional effort in searching.

Top 6 Best Ping Pong Table Under 200:

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1)-JOOLA Midsize - Best Ping Pong Table Under 200:


The JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table serves the best for those players who want the compact ping pong table with the storable features. This half of the table is designed in perfect square shape. You can also easily split it into two equal halves when you need them.

JOOLA is a well-known biggest tournament sponsor of the Olympics, World Championships, and US Open. The best outdoor ping pong table provides countless fun to every kind of game player, and it has a standard height and compact surface space. 

This unique multi-purpose table is perfect for a board game, playing poker, crafts, and is known as the best ping pong table for family.

Quick Features​

  • Compact Storage: This standard tennis table has a quality height and smaller surface space that is perfect for compact places like apartments, game rooms, or kids’ rooms. It is specially designed for small spaces.
  • 100% Preassembled: This mid-sized tennis table has a unique small size is 2/3rds (72” x 36”). It does not require any special assembly as it comes 100% preassembled with pre-connected folding legs.
  • Regulation Quality: This sports equipment stands at regulation table height (30 inches) with a surface of two halves (72 inches). You will like to play on a regulation-sized ping pong table at 2/3 the size.



2)-Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table:


Our mini tennis table offers a fast playing surface. In fact, it will fulfill your playing demands like quick reflexes, intense gameplay, and precise shots under in small spaces. The laminated blue surface gives a stunning look. This sports table has a medium-density fireboard (MDF) playing surface up to 3/8 inches.

The one-inch diameter steel frame is protected with the black powder-coat. It also provides the folding facility for compact storage. 

Furthermore, it has the Velcro lock and carrying handle that make the transform easy from one place to another. The MTT tennis table gives the net 2 pairs of paddles and 2 tennis balls.

Quick Features​

  • Carrying Handle: The Mini table-tennis table has a compact design with the folding facility. The Velcro lock and carry handle gives the easy storage pattern. So you are able to move it comfortably from one destination to the other.
  • Compact Playing Surface: The stand of this table is designed with the steel frame. And the black powder-coated finish protects it. It also minimizes playing surfaces without any hassle. The laminated blue surface delivers an outstanding outlook.
  • Mini-sized With Accessories: This Mini-sized table gives the same playing action as the regulation-sized tables. In addition, it also provides the net stand with two paddles and two table tennis balls.



3)-Butterfly Junior - Best Ping Pong Table For The Money:


The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table is another indoor or outdoor use table. So it can be used anywhere at a lower price than others. It offers the ¾ size of a regulation table tennis table, especially perfect for schools and outdoors. We have added some features for children rather than adults. This Junior Ping Pong Table is the best ping pong table under 300. 

It has strong edges trim with a 12mm playing surface, and the dimension of this table is 81 x 45 x 30 inches. It is available in two different green and blue colors. 

It has wheels inside so you can move it easily around. It is an ideal product for compact areas. The double folded legs have increased the durability of this product and are the perfect choice for everyone who loves tennis.

Quick Features​

  • Preassembled: This stationary tennis table is fully preassembled as it does not need any particular assembly. You can play immediately without any delay, and it is good for a kid’s tennis table, just play and enjoy it.
  • Protection Pads: The Junior 3/4 size tennis table surface is thicker than the other tennis table. It provides an efficient bounce with the corner side protection pads. It is more reliable and slightly larger than the mid-sized tennis tables.
  • Wheels Facility: Each two halves table has the 2 wheels inside. It allows you to move easily in indoor or outdoor use. It also enhances the durability of this table that is very important for customer satisfaction.



4)-MD Sports Table - Best Budget Ping Pong Table:


This is an official size tennis table that is an ideal rainy day distraction when indoor activities are a must. This ping pong table is presented by the MD sports company, which offers you a versatile table that can easiy be used for both indoor and outdoor practices so that you can consider it as the best outdoor ping pong table.

It’s a tournament-grade ping pong table built to offer a wide space with apt thickness for a great bounce and to withstand the hard shots. It is really easy to fold, and its playback position makes the single-player practice more perfect and comfortable.

Quick Features​

  • 15mm tabletop: This sturdy table comes with a 15mm tabletop along with 1.38″ apron. Its apron is designed to give support and prevent you from injury while you are under the table to pick the ball or something else. 
  • 2 Lockable wheels: It comes with lockable caster wheels along with protective corner caps designed for safe and hassle-free transportation. These features let you play your game with enhanced safety and portability. 
  • Four-piece fold-up design: This tournament size table measure 9×5′ has a four-piece construction. This four-piece fold-up design makes ease for you to fold it and take it with you wherever you go.



5)-STIGA Space Saver Compact Table:


If you are looking for some space-saver and lightweight ping pong table, then this will be the best pick for you. It is presented by STIGA, which offers you a robust material table with the measurements of 70″ L x 40.5″ W x 30″ H with a weight of 73 pounds.

The feature that makes unique is the material of this table, along with its foldable design that makes it convenient for transportation. 

Moreover, you have given the choice of isolating this table into two equivalent parts so that you use this table for various purposes.

Quick Features​

  • Sturdy steel built legs: Equipped with the sturdy 1.25″ square welded steel legs that guarantee the stability of this table while you are playing your hardcore game. The coating of powder on the steel legs ensures durability. Also, the molded leg levers ensure a scratch-free floor. 
  • MDF tabletop: This stable tabletop is done with the repeat roller coats to offer the player with the smooth, even, and level surface for playing. Plus, for adding the beautiful finishing, the top is lined with the silkscreen stripping. 
  • Independent Two Halves: This table has an exceptional chassis design that facilitates you in many ways as it can be separated and used for multi-purpose. Both parts are designed to be isolated and used independently to provide maximum flexibility.



6)-STIGA Advantage competition - Best Ping Pong table Under 500:


This ping pong table is considered as one of the best tennis tables in this class as it comes 95% preassembled, which makes it easy for users to play without calling an expert to assemble it. Moreover, it is an indoor table and is also known as the best indoor ping pong table.

Its legs are very strong that it is equipped with 8 rollers to enhance the portability. The caster wheels are also lockable to minimize the risk of wobble. 

The overall design is pretty simple and attractive, which lets the player spend more time playing.

Quick Features​

  • Quick Assembly: It is effortless in making its setup, and it only takes approximately 10 minutes for its installation. Its 95% preassembly makes it easier for the user to play this sport at home without the hassle of joining its parts. 
  • Thick tabletop: With the thickness of 5/8 inches, this tabletop is equipped with the multiple roller coats along with silkscreen stripping to enhance the playability. It offers you a smooth, level, and consistent playing surface. 
  • Clamp-style net: The table technologies include a 72″ tournament-grade heavy-duty net and post set. The clamp-style of this net makes it easy to detach it and then assemble it when needed. Plus, it can be used in two independent halves, which means they can be used as freestanding multi-use tables.




In our view, the STIGA Space Saver Compact Table is the best ping pong table under 200 as it is equipped with the professional-grade material and comes with the strong net and post sets. 

Its unbeatable quality gives you a golden chance of recreating your tournament play in your own space. Although all the tables are made of high-quality material and offer tons of features, so you still have options to pick your needed model.

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