Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

These inverter generators are considered the most important tools in any home safety plan whenever power outages occur. In addition, during any natural disaster, these inverter generators provide power to turn your lights and fans on and to keep running your refrigerator and air conditioners.

And to provide power, these inverter generators mostly use an inverter controlled by a computer. This helps to make your inverter generators more portable, quiet, and efficient. Additionally, the inverter has a big role in generators as it controls the current fluctuation necessary for all electronic devices.

Undoubtedly, these inverter generators have many advantages as they are more efficient, produce less fluctuating and clean electricity, and make less noise than a regular fuel-powered portable generator.

Most people require a cheap and reliable inverter generator for their homes. But without any knowledge of these generators, it gets very difficult for them. Moreover, they get confused because there are several home backup inverter generators currently in the market.

So if you are looking for the best inverter generator for home use. Then we are here to decrease your worries and confusion. Below, we have selected the best inverter generators for you that will surely fulfill your needs.

Our top picks for you:

  • Champion 3400-Watt (Top pick)
  • Westinghouse iGen4500 (Compact)
  • WEN 56380i Portable Inverter Generator (Best for electronics)

In a hurry? Consider our quick pick:

If you have no extra time to go through the entire article, you can choose our quick pick. Champion 3400-watt portable inverter generator is our quick pick for you. It is a very portable tool that gives 3400-watt of output to use during a power outage at home. You can also use it when going out to go camping. You should check this out.

Top 5 Best inverter generators for home backup:

1)-WEN 56380i Portable Inverter Generator (Our Top Pick):

best portable generator for home backup power

WEN 56380i portable inverter generator is the best portable generator for home backup power. It has built-in wheels with a collapsible handle which makes it easy to transport and store. Also, due to its lightweight design, you can carry it with you anywhere without any effort.

This engine produces 3,800 surge watts and 3,400 running watts, running up to 8.5 hours very quickly and smoothly. It supplies stable energy to sensitive electronic devices and sustains them from any damage. One should invest in this good quality inverter generator, and it is sure that he will never regret it.

Quick Features

  • Easy start: One can easily start WEN 56380i portable inverter generator by simply pressing a button. You just need to turn the knob to the start position and press the orange switch. This feature makes it very portable and easy to start.
  • Clean Power: One of the essential features of an inverter generator is generating smooth and clean power. This generator produces clean power with only 1.2% of total harmonic distortion. This feature ensures the complete safety of electronic devices.
  • Easy To Read Display: Due to the digital display on this inverter generator, one can easily read the information and handle it with their fingers. You can monitor everything, including fuel time, voltage, wattage, run-time, and frequency, very easily.


  • Extremely portable
  • Provides clean power
  • Display information digitally
  • Make almost negligible noise


  • Difficult to refill

2)-Westinghouse iGen4500 (Best Generator For Home backup):

best portable emergency generator for

Westinghouse iGen4500 comes with a heavy-duty design that protects it from any damage while traveling. It can generate 4,500 peak watts and 3,700 running watts that can easily run your devices up to 12 hours on half load.

It is an extremely quiet and compact-sized inverter generator. It is the best portable emergency generator for home which produce super clean and less fluctuating electricity. It is very suitable for sensitive devices like tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and LEDs as this device protects them from damage.

Quick Features:

  • RV-Ready outlet: You can rely on this powerful Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator during any outdoor activities or parties in your backyard. Due to the RV-ready outlet, it is extremely easy to plug in your travel trailers.
  • Super Quiet: It can produce electricity at a quieter volume. It produces only 52 dB of noise which makes it very nature friendly. You can easily install it in your backward for recreational activities without disturbing your neighbors.
  • High Fuel Tank Capacity: it has a high fuel tank capacity and can store up to 3.4 gallons of fuel in it. This is very useful during natural disasters or power outages. You don’t need to worry about fuel. These 3.4 gallons can easily run up to 18 hours.


  • Large fuel tank
  • Super-efficient engine
  • LED data center
  • Extremely quiet device


  • A little heavy

3)-Honda 662220 EU2200i (Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup):

best Honda generator for home backup

Honda EU2200i is the best Honda generator for home backup. Its key feature is its lightweight, which is only 47 pounds and makes it super portable. This is because of its small fuel tank, which is less than a gallon. But due to fuel efficiency, it can easily run up to 8.1 hours which is a remarkable thing.

Now talking about the noise, it only makes 49 dB and is considered a super quiet inverter generator in our list. The power generating quality is quite average. It generates 2200 watts of surge power and 1800 watts of running power. It automatically turns off if the carbon monoxide level exceeds the danger zone.

Quick Features:

  • Carbon monoxide detection system: It has an advanced carbon monoxide detection level that continuously monitors the carbon monoxide level. Whenever the level of carbon monoxide exceeds, it automatically shut down the generator.
  • Ventilation Area: Honda has given an improved and large size ventilation area on this generator. This helps to release heat while generating power. In addition, the continuous release of heat helps in the cooling of this inverter generator.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Honda EU2200i has the best fuel efficiency as it can generate electricity for about 8.1 hours in less than a gallon of a fuel tank. It consumes less fuel and saves a lot of money in the longer run.


  • Increased ventilation area
  • Runs up to 8 hours
  • Produce very low noise
  • Fuel efficient


  • No electric start

4)-Champion 3400-Watt (Best Generator For Home):

best generator for home

Champion 3400-watt is a dual fuel inverter generator and can run on propane and gas. If the gas stations are shut down, it is the best option for you, as you can easily use it on propane. Also, the run time on propane is almost double the run time on gas.

It has 3,100 wattages of running and 3,400 start wattage. Also, it produces 59 dB noise, which is quiet and nature friendly. You can easily run an air conditioner on it whenever there is a power breakdown. Also very light in weight and you can easily take it to other stations.

Quick Features:

  • Dual Fuel Technology: It is one of those few inverter generators that can run on dual fuels that is why it is the best generator for the home. If there is a shortage of gas, you can use it on propane, and whenever there is a shortage of propane, you can use it on gas.
  • Parallel Ready: The optional parallel ready feature allows you to have a clip-on connection. This can let you connect an additional higher inverter for more power. This is very beneficial during large parties or roadside camping.
  • Cold Start Technology: It has a cold start feature, which helps the generator start extremely cold weather. This conventional electric start has a battery that quickly starts the inverter generator.


  • Have dual-fuel technology
  • Solid design
  • Easy to move around
  • Low oil shut-off


  • No remote start

5)-Generac 7129 GP3000i:

Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

Generac 7129 GP3000i is a very compact and easy-to-use inverter generator. It is super quiet, and it allows up to 10.7 hours of run time with a 25% load on 1.06 gallons of fuel. Its fuel efficiency is amazing. Moreover, it is very easy to start as it has a knob that simplifies startup procedures.

It has a USB outlet that allows you to connect two inverters at the same time to increase the level of power. It also has the True Power Technology, which ensures the quality of current and provides stable electricity to sensitive electronic devices like mobiles and televisions.

Quick Features:

  • USB Ports: This Generac 7129 GP3000i allows you to charge your cell phones and tablets. They have some USB ports to which you can connect your devices and can easily charge them. These ports are only suitable for fewer wattage devices.
  • Power Rush Technology: The advanced power rush technology can deliver over 50% more starting capacity. This helps you to get more power with less fuel consumption. As a result, you can save a lot of money with this technology.
  • Make Less Noise: This inverter generator is built in such a way that it produces less noise. As it produces less sound, you can put it in your garage or backyard without disturbing your family and neighbors.


  • Super quiet
  • Much affordable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Has power rush technology


  • Hard to start


I hope your all confusion regarding an inverter generator has vanished now. But if you are still doubtful and not confirmed about one option, we would like to suggest you go for Champion 3400-Watt. It is a super affordable inverter generator and has dual-fuel technology that will make your life easy.

Best of luck with your purchase!

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